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About Us

Air was founded in 2006, and has enjoyed enviable success in winning, working with, and building long term relationships with well known and loved international brands. We follow four simple but consistent principles in everything we do:

1. Keep it Simple.

    Define, Design, Deploy.

2. Bias for Action.

    Ideas are easy, action less so!


3. Avoid the Crowd.

     Offer what other’s aren’t.

4. Get Better Together.

    Collaboration is key.


Our team are highly skilled specialists and, together, we offer Inspiration, Graphic Design, Structural Design, POS Design and Activation. We also have a fantastic network of supply partners that assist in offering integral services such as mock-ups, prototypes, video production, animation, etc.


Robert Monaghan
Innovation Director


Robert trained in Industrial Design, and has spent over 30 years as a specialist in packaging and innovation, and never tires of looking for what’s next in the exciting world of brands!

Robert also leads strategy, working closely with client teams to scope out and identify untapped opportunities for brands to succeed and grow in their own unique style.


Gavin Blake
Creative Director


Gavin originates from New Zealand and started life in advertising, so has a 360 degree skills base on all matters around brand design and communication.

Gavin leads the creative team,
but is very hand-on and is one
of the industry’s most accomplished designers, in addition to having a superb understanding of the commercial and technical aspects of print.

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