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Masafi UAE

UAE consumers drink 4 times the amount of water consumed by Europeans, so the bottled water market is vast. Our task was to create an identity system that enabled two new variants to be added - Alkalife with an optimum pH9.5 alkalinity, and Zer% with no sodium content.

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The range is comprehensive covering over 70 different sizes and formats.

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The new leaf brand lock-up has become the central feature that all of the visual assets have been built around.

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Multipacks are bestsellers, where shoppers buy by the case, so outer packs have to be work as primary selling ‘faces’.

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As the lead brand within the Masafi corporation, the water rebranding drove a corporate re-brand shortly afterwards.

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The extension of the brand with two significant variants, is a huge investment for the business and all Salespeople were kitted out with branded uniforms.

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