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Passport Scotch

Passport Scotch is so widely sold in Brazil and Mexico that many consumers believe that it is locally distilled. Our task was to increase the quality Scotch cues, whilst maintaining Passport as an accessible and ‘entry’ Scotch brand for consumers.

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A key change was to reverse the label colour away from black, to increase stand-out and Scottish heritage.

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The Passport marque was carefully re-designed to place more emphasis on the name rather than the Scotch descriptor with the addition of a regal crown.

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The five crests were redrawn and refined to bring them to life and use them more fully in communication.

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For the first time, Passport now has an outer carton that, when placed on shelf using the faces in sequence, creates fabulous stand-out.

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A new bottle and two glass VAP has dramatically increased sales at Seasonal peaks.

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