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Snapple Europe

Snapple, the USA’s No 1 brand in premium juices and iced teas, required a new look to connect European consumers with its quirky New York personality, which we created alongside a full Marketing Toolkit.

AIR WEB_Page_Snapple 1 copy

Each of the fruit flavour names is built from NYC high rise buildings!

AIR WEB_Page_Snapple 3b copy

Colourful fruit photography helps build a strong presence on Instagram and Facebook.

AIR WEB_Page_Snapple 2 copy

Independents are where the bulk of sales are, so strong communication within Wholesale is critical.

AIR WEB_Page_Snapple 4 copy

Novel take-away pizza boxes with sample bottles were sent to customers and key influencers.

AIR WEB_Page_Snapple 5 copy

A colourful comprehensive Marketing Toolkit provides markets with all the assets required for local development.

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